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Get paid for every view on your link.

All countries counted

No matter what country it is, you'll still get paid for every real view.

20% per referral

Earn more when you bring a friend to us, and earn up to 20% of what they earn.

United States per 1000 views

$7Mobile & Tablet

$6.50Desktop & Laptop

United Kingdom per 1000 views

$6Mobile & Tablet

$5.50Desktop & Laptop

Canada per 1000 views

$4Mobile & Tablet

$3.50Desktop & Laptop

Worldwide Deal(All Countries) per 1000 views

$1Mobile & Tablet

$0.75Desktop & Laptop


info_outlineWhy aren't views counting?

  • Anonymous(not registered users) short links will not earn, only registered can earn.
  • Visitors using proxies, VPNs, etc. don't count. This is to help prevent fraud.
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